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Katsuto Tanaka Damascus Kiritsuke 180mm

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Total Knife Length:


Blade Length Tip to Heel:


Blade Height:


Blade Width at spine:


Total Weight:

163 grams 

Steel Type:

Ginsan Silver 3

Rockwell Hardness:


Handle Materials:

Red Wood / Brass Pin


Katsuto Tanaka is one of the knife maker working out of Matsubara Japan. You will sometimes see his knives sold as "Matsubara Knives" however there are multiple blacksmiths working in Matsubara. This unique knife is like a cross between a Bunka and a small Kiritsuke at 180mm. With a polished damascus finish and Red Wood western style handles this knife is as beautiful as it is unique. 

Often referred to as a K-tip Gyuto, the Kiritsuke is a great general use knife. Similar to a Gyuto in many ways the Kiritsure usually features a flatter blade profile excellent for push cutting and a "K-tip" which makes for very nimble and precise tip work. Traditionally the Kiritsuke was a single bevel knife but it more common now to see them as a double bevel. They range in size from 180mm to 300mm.