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SzyMoc Knifeworks

SzyMoc Knifeworks

We are very happy to be working with SzyMoc, a very talented young knife maker from Poland with a true passion for knife making. Below are a few words from the knife maker himself. 

"I am a part-time aspiring knife maker from Poland. My journey with knife making started when I joined a local scout group and was taught how to use a knife. I quickly became fascinated but having only used cheap knives, I decided that I wanted a nicer fixed blade. After looking at the high prices and being introduced to the concept of knife making, I decided to try my hand at making one myself. It was made from scrap and had many flaws, but to me it was perfect. I enjoyed the process just as much as the finished product. After that, I started to look into proper methods and invested in better material and equipment. I have since moved on to primarily kitchen knives and I strive to improve my work with each one. Every one of my knives is handcrafted in a small workshop over many hours, with careful attention to the smallest of details to make you - the user, truly satisfied.

  • $520.00

    SzyMoc Knifeworks Tall Nakiri

    Total Knife Length: 275mm  Blade Length Tip to Heel: 155mm  Blade Height: 63mm Blade Width at spine: 2.2mm Total Weigh...

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  • $510.00

    SzyMoc Knifeworks Ko Bunka

    Total Knife Length: 290mm  Blade Length Tip to Heel: 160mm  Blade Height: 43.9mm Blade Width at spine: 2.9mm Total Weig...

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