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Dao Vua

Dao Vua

Dao Vua Knives are made by barefoot bladesmiths in Vietnam. The use of recycled materials makes for a very unique and affordable knife. The blades feature a very rustic look, due to a the high carbon steel used Dao vua knives must be properly maintained to keep away rust and corrosion. The wood working on these knives is very good, especially considering the price point. Below are some works from the knife maker about their history. 

In 2016 with the creativity of young people combined with the experience of the best craftsmen in the oldest traditional village in Viet Nam. Dao Vua was born to remember Tran Hung Dao general, King Tran Thai Tong and the 5 Masters of Forging. We restore the oldest forging knife method through 22 secret standard steps.

Dao Vua cooperative was born with the mission to bring high-grade products to serve the our local people and export to people around the globe, we strive to make Vietnam's handmade crafts more popular and more respected in the world!

• We believe in our Vietnamese craftsman's skills. Our Craftsman can make knives that are high quality with a fair price.
• We believe in making knives for all people. Whether a chef or Home Cooks, Asian, European or American we have a knife for you. 
• We believe in making reasonably priced knives with high performance.
• We believe in making knives easy to use that can be used for long periods of times without making you fatigued.