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Pasta Tools

  • $5.50

    Gnocchi Board

    Gnocchi Board is perfect for making authentic gnocchi pasta. Gnocchi, literally meaning 'lump,' is a light and plump Italian dumpling made from a ...

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  • $2.00

    Ateco Cake Tester

    Whether you're a pastry chef, baker, savory chef or home cook no kit should be without a simple cake tester. With hundreds of uses this little acce...

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  • $12.00

    Garganelli Maker

    Garganelli Maker is perfect for making authentic garganelli pasta. Nothing tastes better than homemade pasta and learning how to make garganelli c...

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  • $10.00

    Pasta Pin

    Pasta Pin scores pasta dough easily. Nothing tastes better than homemade pasta and learning how to make fresh pasta couldn't be easier. Make half-...

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  • $9.00

    Pastry Cutter

    Double Pastry Cutter quickly cuts strips from from pasta, pie and cookie dough with either straight or zigzag edges for faster, easier food prepar...

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  • $7.50

    Pizza Cutter

    Classic Pizza Cutter is the fastest and easiest way to cut slices from all types of pizza. The larger wheel rolls easily to cut through pizza crus...

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  • $7.00

    Ravioli Square Stamp

    Ravioli Maker for creating authentic meat, vegetable, or cheese stuffed pasta. Quickly cut and seal 2-inch square ravioli in a single action. Noth...

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    Pastry Brush

    Natural fiber pastry brush.

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