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Hideo Kitaoka

Hideo Kitaoka

Hideo Kitaoka is a third generation master blacksmith working out of the famed Takefu knife village in Echizen Japan. He focuses solely on single bevel knives including Deba, Yanagiba, Kiritsuke, Honesuki, Usuba and Kaisaki. With many knife makers now making more western style knives Kitaoka-San stays with traditional japanese style knives.
  • $200.00

    Kitaoka Damascus Deba 165mm

    Total Knife Length: 305mm  Blade Length Tip to Heel: 165mm  Blade Height: 49mm Blade Width at spine: 7.9mm Total Weight...

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  • $185.00

    Kitaoka Damacus 150mm

    Total Knife Length: 290mm  Blade Length Tip to Heel: 150mm  Blade Height: 48mm Blade Width at spine: 7.5mm Total Weigh...

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