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Yu Kurosaki Shizuku AS Sujihiki 270mm

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Total Knife Length:


Blade Length Tip to Heel:


Blade Height:


Blade Width at spine:


Total Weight:

181 grams 

Steel Type:

Aogami Super SS Clad

Rockwell Hardness:

61 - 63

Handle Materials:

Mono Wenge wood


The Shizuku line from Yu Kurosaki is another beautiful example of the work that Kurosaki San produces. Shizuku translates to "drop" which is what the look of the tsuchime (hammered) pattern is meant to resemble. The blade has a Aogami Super core steel with stainless cladding and a Kurouchi (black) finish on the top portion of the blade. The handle is made from a single piece of waterproof Wenge wood which has a beautiful dark ebony color. The fit and finish on these is excellent as with all knives from Kurosaki San. 

 *The Sujihiki is the western equivalent to the Yanagiba knife. Where as a traditional Yanagiba is a single bevel knife the sujihiki is double bevel. Having a double bevel offers some advantages over its single bevel counterpart. The double bevel edge is generally more simple to sharpen, less delicate, easier for some to make straight cuts and can be used by either a right or left handed users. They come in a wide range of sizes starting at 200mm all the way up to 350mm. Sujihiki knives are best used for slicing of raw or cooked proteins. Fabricate portions of boneless fish, beef or pork with ease due to the extra length. Slicing a roast will be short work with nice clean cuts because of the ability to slice through in a single draw stroke.*