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Stainless Steel Spring Locking Tong, 3 Sizes

Stainless Steel Spring Locking Tong is a hardworking kitchen utensil that's perfect for cooking, serving and plating foods at every dining occasion. Its scalloped grips securely hold foods and drain liquids and cooking oils for mess-free serving. Lift and turn foods with confidence while cooking and serving without the drippy mess. Perfect for cooking in metal pots and pans and securely gripping denser foods, like steaks and chops and cooking meat and poultry, fish, even veggies and stir fries, tossing salad, and so much more. Sturdy and durable, their spring action keeps them open and ready to use, while a quick pull of the locking tab that helps keep them closed for easy, compact storage. This must-have of kitchen essentials and cooking tools works hard for cooking in the kitchen, and performs beautifully at breakfast, brunch, holiday meals, and party buffets, at the barbecue or in outdoor kitchens, as both BBQ tongs and serving tongs or for outdoor entertaining. Made from stainless steel, Stainless Steel Spring Locking Tong is sturdy and durable, and won't react with foods. Hand wash in warm, soapy water.