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Garganelli Maker

Garganelli Maker is perfect for making authentic garganelli pasta. Nothing tastes better than homemade pasta and learning how to make garganelli couldn't be easier. Rustic pasta maker brings old world charm and function to contemporary kitchen tools. Special ridges on the board form a more consistent shape than would using a fork, and add the traditional texture that holds more sauce without flattening the delicate dough. Similarly shaped garganelli cook more evenly and allow for a more attractive presentation. The easy-grip handle helps achieve, and maintain, the perfect angle and keeps it steady during use. Simple to use. Prepare dough according to the desired garganelli recipe. Roll dough thinly and cut into individual squares. For best results, working each piece separately, place a square of dough onto the garganelli board, roll up from the diamond point, and press slightly to seal the pasta and imprint the ridges. Dust the pasta with flour to prevent them from sticking and set aside until all dough is formed. Garganelli Maker works nicely as a gnocchi and cavatelli maker, too! Made in Italy from all-natural beechwood. Easy to use and clean. Wipe with a dry cloth or brush before first use, and after every use. 
  • Easily roll pasta dough into tube-shaped noodles
  • Deep outer ridges help sauce cling to pasta
  • Simply place a square of dough onto the board with points at top and bottom, like a diamond. Curl the bottom point around the dowel and roll upward together with a medium pressure to seal the seams and emboss the ridges.
  • Made in Italy
  • Includes 1 each garganelli board and dowel
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth
More Information
Item Number
Stock Pk 6
Item Measurement Board: 9.25 x 3.50 x .75 Dowel: 9 x .25 6.93oz
Packaged Measurement 12 X 5 X .5 5oz
Microwave Safe Yes
Dishwasher Safe Yes