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Beechwood Spoon, 2 sizes

Wooden Spoon makes cooking a breeze! For all of your food preparation, cooking, baking and serving, perfect kitchen utensils for whipping up everything from a snack to an evening meal and holiday feast. Lightweight, yet strong, and safe for everyone to use, even families with budding young chefs just learning to cook. Spoons fit nicely in a kitchen gadget drawer and are attractive enough to display on your counter, always at the ready. Made from FSC-certified beechwood local to the Czech Republic replenishable, responsible and eco-friendly. HIC s Wooden Spoons will not scratch surfaces and are safe for metal and nonstick cookware. Hand wash only. Occasionally coat with mineral oil to keep wood looking its best. The FSC Forest Stewardship Council is a global forest certification initiative of forest owners, timber industries, social groups and environmental organizations, ensuring clean air and water, and diminished effects on local and global climates, through responsible forest management and conservation. FSC-certified manufacturers produce environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable products through responsible forest management practices.