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Wanchana Knife 52100 Gyuto 210mm w/Saya

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Total Knife Length:


Blade Length Tip to Heel:


Blade Height:


Blade Width at spine:


Total Weight:

144 grams

Steel Type:


Rockwell Hardness:


Handle Materials:

Black Pakka wood with copper ends and pearl Inlays


Wanchana Knife makes only Custom one of a kind handmade knives. He makes very unique and interesting designs that are different with every knife. When buying a Wanchana Knife it is very likely there will never be one similar to it. 

This knife is a Gyuto blade shape made from a single piece of 52100 carbon steel which very hard and takes a great edge. It is a carbon steel so must be maintained properly. The blade is very thin and Laser like at only 1.5mm. This would be a great knife for fine work like slicing herbs and brunoise shallots. The thin blade will not make this a good knife for heavy duty tasks. The handle is custom made from Black Pakkawood with beautiful oyster shell inlays and copper ends. The saya appears to be Rosewood and has a saya pin matching the handle. This is a very unique and beautiful knife at a great price.