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Shigeki Tanaka Custom Deba 210mm

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Total Knife Length:

365 mm 

Blade Length Tip to Heel:

210 mm 

Blade Height:

57 mm

Blade Width at spine:

7.9 mm

Total Weight:

438 grams 

Steel Type:

Silver 3

Rockwell Hardness:


Handle Materials:

Magnolia / Plastic


This Deba from Shigeki Tanaka is one of our favorites we have. At 210mm blade length and nearly 8mm thick this is a beast of a Deba. This knife uses a stainless silver 3 (ginsan) steel and is beautifully crafted. It has a custom handle by Jobone Craftsman made from Burnt Osage Orange wood so you can be assured you will never see another knife like this one. 

The Deba knife is one of the traditional japanese blade types. It usually ranges in size from 130mm 210mm and has a blade shape similar to a gyuto. The Deba However is typically single bevel and has a very thick spine. It is used mostly for breaking down and filleting fish and occasionally other types of meat. The thick spine allows it to go through small bones with causing damage to the blade.