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Mazaki White #2 Bunka 175mm

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Total Knife Length:

320 mm 

Blade Length Tip to Heel:

175 mm 

Blade Height:

53 mm

Blade Width at spine:

4.3 mm

Total Weight:

183 grams 

Steel Type:

Shirogami 2 Iron Clad

Rockwell Hardness:


Handle Materials:

Zelkova / Buffalo Horn


These knives from Mazaki are made from Shirogami (white) #2 steel wrapped in an iron clad. The White steel will offer excellent sharpness and edge retention but this is a fully reactive blade that will need to be cared for properly. The handle has great fit and finish made from Zelkova Wood with buffalo horn ferrule. We really like these knives both for there aesthetics and performance. 

The Bunka Bocho (meaning "three Virtues" or "Three uses") is like the lesser known brother to the Santoku. similar in many ways but with a few differences. The Bunka Features a "K-tip" blade design. This creates a much sharper point capable of more fine tip work then its brother the santoku. Some would argue the Bunka is more versatile than the santoku because of its tip. Use the more acute tip to easily brunoise small shallots or slip it under silverskin on a tenderloin. Like the Santoku it has great versatility and an ability to tackle a wide range of tasks. They typically range in size from 130mm to 200mm and have a flat edge with little to no belly. Bunkas and Santokus are very popular among home cooks due to their versatility and to them having a slightly smaller size than a gyuto. Because a home cook tends to have a smaller space available to them and is prepping less quantity than in a professional the smaller size of a Bunka or Santoku makes them an excellent choice for a general purpose knife for a home cook. The smaller size also makes for a great "line knife" for a professional chef or cook when space is limited during service.