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KRVR Ocean Master IV S35VN Gyuto 203mm

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Total Knife Length:

335 mm

Blade Length Tip to Heel:

203 mm

Blade Height:

53 mm

Blade Width at spine:


Total Weight:

201 grams

Steel Type:


Rockwell Hardness:


Handle Materials:

Ocean Color / Wavy Texture


"Ocean Master IV" 8in  (203mm) k-tip gyuto chef knife. The incredible depth, mystery, and beauty of the open seas is captured in this knife. The handle sports an array of deep oceanic blues and hues, blending together in a fluid pattern that reflects the sea itself. Etched into the super steel blade is a cross-section of a tuna showing the majestic outline and skeleton of the fleshy fish.

The blade is a full flat grind, and has a distal taper. It is ground thin at the edge, measuring between 0.25-0.30mm thin behind the cutting edge.⠀⠀

The blade is made from CPM S35VN hardened to 60 HRC. S35VN is the best stainless steel available for chef knife blades, combining high hardness and toughness. S35VN blades should be sharpened with a water stone, synthetic stone, or diamond. Do not use a honing steel on this blade. The edge angle is sharpened to 15 degrees and then stropped to a super sharp finish. The blade is 8” (203 mm) long, 2.08” (53 mm) tall, 0.1” (2.5 mm) thick at the spine, and 0.25-0.30mm thin behind the cutting edge. Total length of the knife is 13.19” (335 mm). 

The gyuto blade is made from S35VN high hardness stainless steel. Our handles are a hybrid style that makes them extremely comfortable to use, no matter your knife grip preference. An ambidextrous recess at the bolster area improves pinch grip comfort and stability. The full handle also provides plenty of space for a standard grip.

This knife comes in a decorative wooden box and includes a plastic blade guard.