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Kitaoka Shirogami Kaisaki 150mm

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Total Knife Length:

295 mm 

Blade Length Tip to Heel:

150 mm 

Blade Height:

32.7 mm

Blade Width at spine:

4.2 mm

Total Weight:

125 grams 

Steel Type:

11 layer Shirogami

Rockwell Hardness:


Handle Materials:

Rosewood / Pakka Wood


This Kitaoka Kaisaki is made from 11 layers of shirogami steel. Along the lower portion of the blade you can see the layers and on the upper portion is a black kurouchi. The back of the blade is polished much like a deba or yanagiba since it is a single bevel knife. 

*The Kaisaki is not a very well known knife style but can be very useful for an assortment of tasks. Originally created for use when preparing shellfish the Kaisaki uses have developed over time. A single edge blade almost like a cross between a small yanagiba and a small deba it can be used to fillet, break down and slice smaller fish or even used to prep small garnish.*