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Kikuichi Molybdenum Paring 80mm

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Total Knife Length:

190 mm 

Blade Length Tip to Heel:

80 mm

Blade Height:

18.5 mm

Blade Width at spine:

1.4 mm

Total Weight:

59 grams 

Steel Type:


Rockwell Hardness:


Handle Materials:

Black Eco Wood


These single steel blades are tough and sharp, with an edge geometry that is like a faster, thinner version of its European counterparts. Light and easy to sharpen, our Carbon Steel series takes a very keen edge due to the fine grain structure of the steel.

*Paring knives are the smallest of the kitchen knives and because of that are used to tackle your smallest tasks. From turning vegetables in your hand to slicing fruit the paring knife is certainly one type you don't want to leave out of your kit.*