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JoBone Craftsman Custom, Dyed Curly Maple w/ Faux Ivory

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 Weight: 2.2 Ounces / 62 Grams
Length:  5.75 Inches / 146.1mm
Height: 1.05 Inches / 26.6mm
Width: .82 Inches / 20.8mm
Tang Slot: .21 Inches / 5.3mm
Dyed Curly Maple w/ Faux Ivory


JoBone Craftsman makes some of the best handles out there. He uses premium and unique materials that will set your knife apart from the rest. Swap out the current handle for one of these and you'll instantly have a one of a kind show piece of a knife. 

*Please Note: Handles are made to fit a wide range of knives. If doing a self install please Measure to make sure the handle will be a good fit for your knife. Feel free to email us with any questions regarding potential fitment.*