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Hatono VG-10 Petty 150mm

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Total Knife Length:

285 mm

Blade Length Tip to Heel:

150 mm

Blade Height:

32.2 mm

Blade Width at spine:


Total Weight:

68 grams

Steel Type:


Rockwell Hardness:


Handle Materials:

Magnolia Wood Japanese Lacquer


This an interesting little petty from a lesser known blacksmith. the blade is VG-10 damascus with a super thin width of only 1.4mm. the handle is unique in that it uses japanese lacquer over magnolia wood which is not very uncommon. 

The Petty or Utility knife is a small knife used for smaller and more delicate tasks. They range in size from 120mm to 210mm and usually have a short blade height and thin blade. They can be used as a line knife or to prep various smaller items. Great for things like cutting fruit, herbs or even to portion and slice smaller proteins. In our opinion this is a top 3 knife everyone should have in their arsenal.

Knife Care Tips

    • Never use this knife to cut through frozen foods, bones or other hard items. 
    • After use be sure to wash using warm water, dish soap and a soft non-abrasive cloth or sponge. 
    • Dry knife immediately after washing to avoid corrosion.
    • If storing for an extended period of time use a knife oil like the one found here
    • For edge maintenance and sharpening use whetstones, strops, or a fine ceramic honing rod. Avoid oil stones, diamond stones and steel rods
    • Some high carbon knives will need to be wiped  dry periodically during use if cutting highly acidic foods to avoid corrosion.